What the pros say about Youngblood

“My business is quite large and consequently I have about 40 different suppliers that I do business with. I just wanted to let everyone know that out of all the companies I deal with, PBS is by far the most efficient, friendliest supportive company I have ever come across. Everyone in head office is awesome and I am so grateful for the efficiency when it comes to the supply, dispatch and overall good work that Youngblood and PBS does with its customers”. Darren, The Facial Company

“We were stocking another Mineral Makeup for 2 years and had to work really hard to sell it. I was scared to make another financial commitment to get the Youngblood package, but the day we put our Youngblood stand up, we had clients asking us about it (and it was in exactly the same spot as the other makeup stand) - it is so easy to sell and you know they will love it. We sold more Youngblood in 3 months than the other Mineral brand in 2 years. Do yourself a favour and make the switch.” Lisa, Tussta Hair & Beauty

 “Youngblood has been our favourite product and by far the easiest product to get our clients to love, it basically sells itself. We only get good feedback from all of our clients that use Youngblood and we have converted hundreds of clients from other brands to using Youngblood. We love everything about Youngblood! People often refer to our salon as “THE YOUNGBLOOD SALON” The team at California Sunkissed

“As a business owner, Youngblood offers great support, speedy delivery and great POS material. We have never met a skin we could not match with Youngblood mineral makeup.” Heidi & Kim, The Skin Corrective Centre

“Our clients absolutely love it!!!  We have done photo shoots with it, weddings, etc. Once you start using Youngblood – you can’t stop!  The finish is amazing and the most common comment is – “It doesn’t even feel like you have makeup on!”  Melissa, Touch of Utopia

“I became a stockist for Youngblood cosmetics, after personally trying many other brands of mineral make-up on the market and finding all the other mineral make-up didn’t give even coverage. I am very happy with Youngblood’s coverage and lasting ability. My clients with acne that have been using Youngblood for about two months have noticed their skin condition has improved by 50%. My young clients are excited by the vibrant colour range in the eye shadows. My more mature clients love the incredible coverage the concealer gives them and the lasting ability of the lipstick. Youngblood has definitely increased my profits.” Meryl, Sunrise Beauty

“The product is simply amazing. I had a mother of the bride a few weeks ago with really bad rosacea. She was terribly self conscious and had tried almost every product on the market. She was shocked at the coverage after I applied the Youngblood Mineral Foundation. She looked amazing and you could not wipe the smile from her face. She said she wished she had heard about Youngblood years ago!” Michelle, Makeup Artist

Youngblood mineral makeup has completely transformed my salon. When I bought my salon just over two years ago I decided it was time for a fresh start. I had used several make up lines before but really loved the concept of a mineral cosmetic. I researched a few companies and was blown away by how professional, easy to use and amazing the Youngblood mineral make up line is and how the product has opened the door to new and existing clientele wanting to switch to a mineral cosmetic.

I am very passionate about the products I use for my clients as I only use on people what I would use for myself. I could keep talking about how much I love Youngblood but the simple fact is I know that it works for me, my clients and for my salon.” Team Serenity Beauty Therapy

“We had a busy day at the salon I had four clients on the go at once. In between doing a set of foils I had an eyebrow wax booked in. The client was booked in for an eyebrow wax only during the consultation I suggested we try some Youngblood on her skin. The client ended up buying a Primer, Loose Mineral Foundation and a small Kabuki brush, which totaled $214.95 this was in a limited time when doing the clients eyebrow wax. This is a prime example of what we are capable of doing if we put our minds to it.”

Belinda Robrahn, Aspire 

“At Australian Skin Clinics we find Youngblood so easy to love because the quality of the minerals is superior to any other brand, so highly pigmented and provides a long lasting finish. We’re also so passionate about the Youngblood range because whenever it is applied to a client they fall in love with it too, making it easy for us to sell because we truly believe in the products and always receive such a positive response. All of our staff wear Youngblood as part of their uniform and love it too. Clients always comment on how flawless our staff members’ skin and makeup looks, giving us a great opportunity to share the range with them. Prior to having Youngblood in our clinic we stocked another mineral brand. Since making the switch we have seen our makeup sales steadily increase and our clients keep returning for products, often stating that they wouldn’t go back to using any other brand.  Being a medical and cosmetic skin clinic, there is a serious side to addressing our client’s skin concerns. Having a product like Youngblood to recommend aids in the process of correcting skin problems such as acne and gives us the tools to obtain real results. Youngblood is an integral part of our business and we can’t imagine not having it in our clinic!

Simone, Australian Skin Clinics

“As a therapist for over 15 years my makeup kit had a bit of this and a bit of that which I had collected over the years, lots of which were then regarded as my favourites. This was until we got a call out to do makeup on a VIP at one of the major hotels in Sydney and the client asked us the brand of makeup we used. 

From that day we decided things had to change; we had to commit to one brand, to be proud and professional. So we chose Youngblood and were pleasantly surprised that we could call everything in the Youngblood’s range our favourites. 

The packaging first drew us in then the pureness of the mineral ingredients and consistency and results of the Youngblood products teamed together with the application brushes. We purchased the range and have never looked back. Who said a total range could never have everything?” Lash Out Beauty

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics have amazing products which are great for every skin type, with a range of shades to suit every skin tone. The 100% mineral cosmetics sell so well in our salon and are extremely easy to recommend to everyone as we love it and wear it all ourselves. This cosmetic range is very easy to up sell as the products are fantastic. It does not feel like you are wearing any makeup on your skin and along with our clients who love it we also have the brides and bridesmaids who don’t normally where a lot of makeup and they think your products are amazing. The best thing about the cosmetics is people comment on our skin not on our makeup!! 

We received Youngblood in our salon in November 2010 and we couldn’t be any happier, it has been the best decision we have ever made and we are selling the products like hotcakes. Youngblood products speak for themselves and walk off our shelves. Youngblood cosmetics is also helping our salon up sell facials, and other treatments in our salon, therefore increasing our clientele base. Thank you so much to our Rep for introducing these fantastic cosmetics and we can’t wait for more Youngblood products to be introduced. Absolutely Amazing!  

Teresa Italiano and the staff at ‘You Little Beauty’